The MobilePD technical support team at MobilePD, Inc. is committed to helping our customers maximize the benefits of using MobilePD and providing quality customer experience.
MobilePD defines "Customer Support" as providing assistance to MobilePD product users and partners on specific product-related problems such as installation, product updates, product performance, and other inquiries.
Operating Hours and Local Languages Support
Support for MobilePD operates from 9am - 6pm US Pacific Time, Monday - Friday (except Labor Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day).
Technical support for all MobilePD software is delivered in English.
Supported Products
MobilePD, Inc. actively supports versions of its MobilePD software for [12 months] from their release. Active support includes responding to telephone, email or web inquiries about the operation or use of the software, and providing on-going development support in the form of workarounds, patches or fixes for resolving known and emerging product issues.
Standard and Online Support
Standard Support comes with your product purchase; MobilePD actively provides customer service and technical support by phone or email to users to get their product up and running. Assistance with product issues including installation and setup, product updates, product performance, and other inquiries is available during regular business hours. (North America: Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm PST).
Any questions about this Support Policy should be addressed to [email protected]